July 17, 2024
US repares to complete troop withdrawal from Niger 

US repares to complete troop withdrawal from Niger 

The United States military is set to finalize the withdrawal of its troops from Air Base 101 in Niamey, Niger, this Sunday, as reported by American media outlets.

Air Force General Kenneth Ekman, currently in Niger to oversee the withdrawal, stated that the departure from Air Base 101 will conclude with a formal ceremony on Sunday evening.

General Ekman elaborated, “We will hold a joint ceremony to mark the departure of the last US C-17 aircraft.

The Nigerien government will take control of the former American areas and facilities.”

This development follows a demand by Niger’s ruling military council in April for the US to withdraw its approximately 1,000 troops stationed in the country.

The council’s request reflects the growing tension between Niger and the US amid broader regional instability.

The US withdrawal from Air Base 101 is the first step, with attention now turning to the larger drone base, from which the American forces plan to exit in the coming weeks.

The withdrawal signifies a strategic shift in US military operations in the region, as it adjusts to the evolving political landscape in Niger.

The departure ceremony on Sunday will mark the end of a significant chapter in US-Niger military cooperation, which has been pivotal in counterterrorism efforts in the Sahel region.

The US presence at Air Base 101 has been crucial for operations against extremist groups, providing logistical support and surveillance capabilities.

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