July 20, 2024

Equity BCDC and Congo motors sarl sign landmark agreement for agricultural development in DR Congo

Equity BCDC and Congo motors sarl sign landmark agreement for agricultural development in DR Congo

Equity BCDC and Congo motors sarl sign landmark agreement for agricultural development in DR Congo

Equity BCDC has taken a significant step towards fostering economic development in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through a landmark partnership with Congo Motors Sarl.

This agreement represents a pivotal moment for sustainable agricultural growth in the country, aligning with Equity BCDC’s vision of championing socio-economic prosperity for Africans, and particularly for the Congolese people.

The collaboration aims to strengthen capacities, coordinate, and finance agricultural value chains, transforming the continent’s wealth.

It marks an unprecedented move towards modernizing and developing the agricultural sector with advanced tools for farmers.

Equity BCDC leverages its financial strength for this ambitious program.

“The bank has introduced a specific product to support the project, known as asset loans.

Those interested in this project no longer need to face the constraints of mortgage collateral.

With this tool, we have established financing, providing a 20% advance on the cost of the tractor, while the bank finances the remaining amount,” explained Célestin Mukeba, Managing Director of Equity BCDC.

This partnership offers pre-financing options for a wide range of agricultural machinery, equipment maintenance by a dedicated team of skilled technicians, and a technical assistance and training program to ensure effective use of the machinery.

This initiative will not only enhance the efficiency and productivity of agricultural operations but also create jobs and stimulate economic growth in rural areas.

“We are committed to creating an environment conducive to growth and innovation for every Congolese farmer, enabling them to thrive and contribute to the economic development of the DRC,” emphasized Mouadh Ben Ameur, Managing Director of Congo Motors.

For Grégoire Mutshayi, State Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, this partnership marks not just an advancement but the beginning of a new era for Congolese agriculture.

“This collaboration paves the way for other bold initiatives we are passionate about to develop our agriculture.

We are facilitating the localization of the assembly of agricultural tractors and other necessary machinery.

We will support our farmers through cooperatives to professionalize them,” stated the minister.

The bank credit offer will enable Congolese farmers, cooperatives, and intermediaries to more easily access tractors and, more broadly, the essential agricultural mechanization needed for the development of agriculture in the DRC.

This initiative contributes to realizing the vision of Congolese authorities for modern, sustainable, and productive agriculture across the country.

“It is therefore natural to support this effort by launching an ambitious initiative aimed at transforming agriculture, strengthening the resilience of our rural communities, and promoting economic inclusion through our partnership with Equity BCDC, a major bank; and CaseIH, a global leader in agricultural mechanization,” added Mouadh Ben Ameur, Managing Director of Congo Motors.

Agriculture represents a crucial pillar in the DRC government’s program, recognizing its importance for food security, which millions of Congolese currently lack.

Following the signing ceremony, the signatories inaugurated the first tractors to serve the farmers.

Symbolically, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Planning, Guylain Nyembo, present at the ceremony, started the first tractor.

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