July 20, 2024

TACV expands domestic fleet to meet rising demand during peak season

TACV expands domestic fleet to meet rising demand during peak season

TACV expands domestic fleet to meet rising demand during peak season

Cape Verde Airlines has announced the expansion of its domestic fleet with the addition of a new aircraft, aimed at accommodating the increasing travel demand during the high season. The airline disclosed this development in a statement released Yesteday.

The new aircraft, a DHC-8 Series 300, is expected to enter service later this week, either on Friday or Saturday, enhancing the frequency and schedules of flights across all the islands.

This model can transport up to 50 passengers, significantly boosting the airline’s capacity.

“This decision represents an important step in our commitment to improving inter-island connectivity, providing a higher quality service to our customers, and contributing to the growth of tourism and internal mobility,” the statement read.

The introduction of the DHC-8 Series 300 aligns with TACV’s strategic plan to strengthen its operations and better serve the domestic market.

By increasing the number of available flights, the airline aims to offer more flexibility and convenience for travelers, particularly during the busy tourist season.

Cape Verde, an archipelago known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, relies heavily on air travel for both locals and visitors to navigate between its islands.

The enhanced fleet is expected to facilitate smoother and more efficient travel experiences, thereby supporting the local economy and tourism industry.

TACV’s expansion comes at a critical time as the tourism sector in Cape Verde continues to recover and grow post-pandemic.

The increased connectivity will not only benefit the tourism industry but also improve the overall mobility for residents, fostering stronger economic and social ties within the islands.

The move has been welcomed by various stakeholders, including tourism operators and local businesses, who anticipate that the improved flight services will attract more tourists and stimulate economic activities across the islands.

As the high season approaches, TACV’s initiative to bolster its fleet underscores its dedication to providing reliable and quality air travel services, ensuring that both locals and tourists can explore the beauty and diversity of Cape Verde with greater ease.

For more details on flight schedules and services, customers are encouraged to visit TACV’s official website or contact their customer service centers.

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