July 20, 2024
General Michael Langley: "Africa-Led Approach"

General Michael Langley: "Africa-Led Approach"

General Michael Langley of the United States Marine Corps addressed an online press briefing on June 27, 2024, hosted by the U.S. State Department’s Regional Media Center for Africa.

He highlighted the growing security challenge in the Sahel, noting increased activity by violent extremist organizations, stressing the U.S. commitment to engage with regional nations to identify needs for sustainable solutions.

Speaking at the 2024 African Chiefs of Defense Conference, General Langley discussed regional security challenges, emphasizing the impact of French and American troop withdrawals from the Sahel region on stability.

He cited escalating threats from groups like JNIM, ISIS-Sahel, ISIS-West Africa, and Boko Haram, warning of their potential spread to coastal West Africa due to governance gaps and instability.

“The proliferation of violent extremist organizations thrives in unstable regions,” General Langley stated, underscoring concerns for ungoverned territories and the imperative for African leadership in sustainable solutions.

“Our ‘3D’ framework within AFRICOM addresses these shared challenges through a comprehensive, government-wide approach. Our past investments have proven effective, and with our African partners, we aim for continued success,” he affirmed.

Reflecting on the recent defense conference in Gaborone, Botswana, attended by over 30 African nations, General Langley praised the exchange of knowledge and strategies to tackle continental challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

“As commander responsible for a vast area encompassing 53 nations, I recognize the shared goals of stability, security, and prosperity,” General Langley acknowledged, highlighting efforts to enhance African partners’ capacities.

“Our approach, guided by African leadership and bolstered by U.S. support, addresses common challenges head-on,” he concluded.

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