July 19, 2024

First cabinet meeting after Ghazouani’s reelection marks new phase for Mauritania

First cabinet meeting after Ghazouani's reelection marks new phase for Mauritania

First cabinet meeting after Ghazouani's reelection marks new phase for Mauritania

President Ghazouani’s reelection for a final five-year term has set the stage for Mauritania’s political transition, as evidenced by the nation’s first post-election cabinet meeting convened on Thursday.

Despite recent unrest resulting in tragic fatalities and injuries among security personnel, a sense of calm is gradually returning to daily life.

The gathering, attended by the president and all former government members, precedes the anticipated confirmation of Ghazouani’s first-round victory by the Constitutional Council.

Emerging victorious among six contenders, President Ghazouani’s impending inauguration ceremony on August 1st or 2nd will signify the culmination of this electoral cycle.

In accordance with national conditions and presidential pledges, expectations are high that meaningful changes will be implemented to inspire hope and deliver on electoral promises.

The transition, including the resignation of Prime Minister Mohamed Ould Billal, underscores a pivotal moment in Mauritanian governance as the administration prepares to fulfill its mandate.

The administration’s focus remains on addressing societal concerns and advancing national development agendas, reflecting a commitment to stability and progress.

As the country prepares for the official inauguration, Mauritanians await with anticipation the forthcoming initiatives aimed at fostering unity and prosperity under President Ghazouani’s renewed leadership.

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