July 19, 2024

Bundestag’s first black MP Karamba Diaby announces decision not to run for re-election

Bundestag's first black MP Karamba Diaby announces decision not to run for re-election

Bundestag's first black MP Karamba Diaby announces decision not to run for re-election

Karamba Diaby, the first Black member of the German Bundestag, has announced that he will not seek re-election in the upcoming legislative elections.
The representative of Halle, who has served since 2013, shared this decision in an interview with Berliner Morgenpost, which was later picked up by Les Échos.
Diaby stated that he wishes to make way for younger candidates, marking the end of his tenure in the Bundestag.

When questioned if the decision was influenced by the racist attacks he has faced, Diaby clarified, “Racism and hate are not the main reasons I am not running for the Bundestag again.

” However, he did not shy away from condemning the growing issue of racism in Germany and other European countries where far-right movements are gaining traction.

Reflecting on his experience, the Social Democrat highlighted, “In the Bundestag, especially since 2017, we have seen speeches from the AFD [Alternative for Germany] filled with hatred and denigration towards migrants and other minorities. This creates a fertile ground for hate on the streets.”

Diaby, who has been a vocal critic of racism and xenophobia, shared harrowing details of the threats he has received.

“I have recently received death threats, and last year, my office in Halle was targeted in an arson attack. The worst part is that my team is also being threatened.

This is a red line that has been crossed. We must and can have difficult discussions with each other. But we should never resort to violence,” he emphasized.

His departure from the Bundestag marks a significant moment in German politics, as Diaby has been a prominent figure advocating for diversity and inclusion.

His decision not to seek re-election underscores the ongoing challenges faced by politicians of minority backgrounds in Europe.

As Germany prepares for its next elections, Diaby’s announcement serves as a poignant reminder of the critical need to address racism and ensure that the political arena remains a place where diversity is valued and protected.

The departure of such a pioneering figure will undoubtedly leave a void, but it also opens the door for a new generation of leaders to continue the fight for equality and justice.

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