July 20, 2024
Egypt emphasizes Sudan's stability ahead of crucial Cairo conference

Egypt emphasizes Sudan's stability ahead of crucial Cairo conference

The Egyptian government is underscoring its commitment to Sudan’s stability as it prepares to host a pivotal conference aimed at addressing the ongoing conflict in its southern neighbor. The conference, set to convene next week, will bring together various Sudanese factions and international stakeholders, according to Osman Musa Baunin, head of the Alliance of Sudanese Forces for National Salvation.

“The Sudanese people, who have been enduring a brutal war for the past 15 months, are looking forward to the upcoming conference in Egypt.

This event signifies Cairo’s profound interest in Sudan’s stability,” Baunin told Sputnik on Thursday, July 4.

“Egypt has organized this conference to unite all Sudanese parties and factions, alongside inviting fraternal and friendly countries, as well as the international community invested in Sudanese affairs.”

The Cairo Conference on Sudanese Security, anticipated to be a critical turning point for the conflict-ridden nation, aims to foster dialogue among Sudan’s diverse political and armed groups.

In late May, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced plans to host a summer forum for Sudan’s civilian political forces, reinforcing Cairo’s dedication to facilitating peace through national dialogue.

Key participants expected at the conference include representatives from the Taqaddom, a Sudanese civil coalition, as well as delegates from the Justice and Equality Movement, the Umma Party, and the National Congress Party, as reported by the Sudan Tribune.

This diplomatic initiative follows a prolonged period of unrest in Sudan, which has left countless citizens displaced and the nation’s infrastructure in ruins.

By providing a platform for dialogue, Egypt hopes to spearhead efforts towards a peaceful resolution, ensuring that Sudan can embark on a path of reconstruction and stability.

As the international community watches closely, the success of the Cairo conference could mark a significant step towards ending the conflict and bringing much-needed peace to Sudan.

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