July 18, 2024
World bank officials visit Burundi to review landscape restoration project

World bank officials visit Burundi to review landscape restoration project

On July 5, 2024, World Bank administrators visited the Landscape Restoration and Resilience Project (PRRPB) in Isare commune, Bujumbura Province.

This visit was part of the monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of World Bank-funded projects in Burundi, with a particular focus on the PRRPB.

During this visit, 550 calves were distributed to local beneficiaries, contributing to a larger goal of distributing 2,668 cattle throughout the project’s duration.

This initiative aims to enhance the livelihoods of the population by providing access to meat and manure, thereby boosting agricultural production.

The PRRPB is a critical component of Burundi’s strategy to combat hunger and poverty.

By improving agricultural productivity and sustainability, the project seeks to ensure food security and promote economic resilience in rural communities.

“We are committed to ensuring that our projects not only meet their objectives but also bring tangible benefits to the people,” said a World Bank representative.

The distribution of cattle is expected to play a significant role in improving the socio-economic conditions of the beneficiaries.

The PRRPB’s approach combines environmental conservation with socio-economic development, addressing both ecological and human needs.

By restoring degraded landscapes and enhancing agricultural practices, the project aims to create a sustainable future for the communities involved.


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