July 20, 2024

“Today, Africans are proud”: Nigerien sultan hails first AES summit

"Today, Africans are proud": Nigerien sultan hails first AES summit

"Today, Africans are proud": Nigerien sultan hails first AES summit

The inaugural summit of the Confederation of Sahel States (AES) concluded on July 6, 2024, marking a historic collaboration between Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. Held in Niamey, the summit saw the leaders of these three Sahelian nations unite with a common vision for the region’s development.

Honorable Aboubacar Sanda, the Sultan of Zinder, expressed his pride in the event during an interview with Sputnik.

“The inhabitants of the continent have seen three states come together for the same struggle, which means the development of their countries,” he said.

“What I want to say is to pray and encourage them,” he added, emphasizing the wholehearted support of the Nigerien people for the organization.

The summit, which garnered significant attention and commentary across the three nations, set forth ambitious goals for deeper integration among member states.

The final communiqué described the creation of the Confederation as “a further step towards deeper integration between the member states.”

Key outcomes of the summit include the establishment of an AES Investment Bank and a stabilization fund to support member countries.

These financial institutions aim to foster economic stability and development across the region.

The summit’s leaders emphasized the importance of pooling resources in strategic sectors such as agriculture, water, energy, and transportation.

This collaborative approach is expected to enhance the collective resilience and prosperity of the Sahelian states.

Another notable resolution from the summit was the call for increased use of local languages in public and private media.

This move is intended to promote cultural heritage and improve communication within and between the member countries.

For the upcoming year, Mali will assume the presidency of the Confederation of Sahel States, guiding the alliance through its formative stages.

The next summit of heads of state is scheduled for 2025, with the exact date to be determined through diplomatic channels.

Burkina Faso has been chosen to host the first conference of AES parliamentarians, further solidifying the commitment to regional cooperation.

As the summit concluded, Sultan Aboubacar Sanda extended his best wishes to all members of the Alliance, highlighting the significance of this newfound unity for the future of the Sahel region.

“Today, Africans are proud,” he affirmed, reflecting the collective optimism and determination that marked the historic gathering.

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