July 17, 2024
South Africa's arms exports surge by 50% in 2023

South Africa's arms exports surge by 50% in 2023

In 2023, South Africa saw a significant increase in its arms exports, with a total value surpassing 7 billion rands ($385 million), compared to 4.6 billion rands in 2022. This notable growth was highlighted in the annual report of the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC).

Among the most substantial exports were armoured combat vehicles, valued at 1.6 billion rands, which were shipped to over a dozen countries, including China and Saudi Arabia.

The report underscored that these vehicles represented a major component of South Africa’s defense trade.

Electronic systems also played a crucial role in the country’s defense exports. In 2023, South Africa sold observation equipment, communication systems, and electronic warfare systems worth 890 million rands, according to the NCACC.

These advanced systems are critical for modern military operations and reflect the country’s growing expertise in high-tech defense manufacturing.

South Africa remains one of Africa’s top four arms exporters, alongside Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria. In 2023, South African defense products reached 40 different countries, underscoring its robust presence in the global arms market.

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