July 17, 2024
Six Chinese nationals killed by CODECO militia in Ituri mining attack

Six Chinese nationals killed by CODECO militia in Ituri mining attack

On the morning of July 3, 2024, the Cooperative for the Development of Congo (CODECO) militia launched a deadly attack on a gold mining site in Djugu territory, Ituri.

The attack, which occurred in the Wazabo group village in the Banyali-Kilo sector, resulted in the deaths of six Chinese nationals who were working at the site, as confirmed by the local sector chief.

“Indeed, six Chinese nationals involved in gold mining near Abombi, along with two soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, were killed by CODECO militiamen,” Innocent Madukadala, the sector chief, told 7SUR7.CD.

“They operate by attacking, killing, looting, and then fleeing.”

The deaths of the two soldiers were corroborated by Lieutenant Jules Ngongo, the army spokesperson in Ituri.

He stated that the soldiers were killed during the army’s intervention to repel the attack.

In addition to the fatalities, nine other Chinese nationals were taken hostage by the militiamen and transported to Digene, another significant stronghold of CODECO in Djugu.

This was reported by Dr. Vital Tungulo, president of the Nyali-Kilo association, which represents members of the Nyali community.

Chinese nationals involved in gold mining in Ituri have frequently become targets for armed groups.

In a similar incident last April, another Chinese worker was killed by armed men at a mining site in Mambasa.

The assailants also stole a substantial amount of gold and cash during that attack.

The recent attack underscores the persistent insecurity in Ituri, where armed groups continue to wreak havoc on local and foreign workers alike.

The ongoing violence poses severe risks to the safety of those involved in the mining industry and highlights the challenges faced by the Congolese government and its security forces in stabilizing the region.

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