July 20, 2024

Senegal’s presidential council charts course for national development

Senegal's presidential council charts course for national development

Senegal's presidential council charts course for national development

At the Senegalese Presidential Palace, His Excellency Mr. Bassirou Diomaye Diakhar FAYE presided over the weekly Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024, focusing on critical national initiatives and strategic directives.

National Day of Social Mobilization

The President underscored the upcoming second edition of the “SETAL SUNU REW” National Day of Social Mobilization, scheduled for Saturday, July 6th, 2024.

He urged the Government to ensure the success of this day dedicated to citizen engagement in improving the quality of life.

Emphasizing the involvement of local authorities, national stakeholders, and the private sector, President FAYE highlighted the importance of concerted efforts across all sectors.

Informal Sector Support and Urban Commercial Modernization

Addressing the informal sector’s pivotal role in Senegal’s economy, President FAYE called for focused attention on transforming and supporting this sector.

He directed the Government to utilize state mechanisms and financing instruments to bolster informal sector activities and enhance urban commercial modernization through the restructuring of the Market Modernization and Management Program (PROMOGEM).

Revamping Senegal’s Railway Infrastructure

President FAYE unveiled plans for a new national railway policy aimed at enhancing urban and interurban mobility and improving passenger and freight transport systems.

Stressing the need for improved governance in land transport, he highlighted the strategic importance of revitalizing and expanding the railway network amid ongoing urbanization challenges.

Strengthening Governance and Oversight

The President instructed the Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport, and Air Transport to prioritize the preservation and development of railway infrastructure.

Additionally, he mandated the preparation of a national railway development scheme, including investments for maintenance, modernization, and new infrastructure projects.

Strategic Appointments and Sectoral Developments

In a series of strategic appointments, President FAYE reshaped key leadership roles across various ministries to align with the government’s objectives in administration, infrastructure development, and social welfare.

These appointments aim to bolster institutional effectiveness and streamline policy implementation across sectors crucial to Senegal’s development agenda.


The decisions made during the Cabinet meeting reflect Senegal’s commitment to robust governance, sustainable development, and inclusive growth.

With a clear focus on legislative reform, infrastructure enhancement, and social welfare, the administration under President FAYE continues to chart a course towards a prosperous and equitable future for all Senegalese citizens.

As the nation prepares for upcoming initiatives and reforms, the government remains steadfast in its dedication to achieving tangible improvements in infrastructure, governance, and socioeconomic conditions nationwide.

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