July 20, 2024
Senegal: Canada launches $25 million initiative

Senegal: Canada launches $25 million initiative

A groundbreaking initiative to bolster ecosystem resilience and community adaptation to climate change, the “Project for Improving Ecosystems and Community Resilience against Climate Change (Parec-Cc),” has been launched along the path of the Great Green Wall, backed by a $25 million investment from the Canadian government, equivalent to over 15 billion CFA francs, with technical support from the FAO.

The project targets 18 municipalities across the Louga, Matam, and Tambacounda regions, aiming to combat land degradation, as reported by local newspaper Le Soleil.

According to Daouda Ngom, Minister of Environment and Ecological Transition, quoted in the journal, “The objective is to reduce food insecurity prevalence by 5% in the intervention areas, increase incomes by 6%, and raise carbon stocks by 5%.”

“This new program, to be implemented by the Senegalese Agency for Reforestation and the Great Green Wall (ASERGMV), aims to restore production foundations, promote agro-silvopastoral value chains, and employ nature-based solutions to enhance adaptation to climate change,” elaborated the ministry.

Covering a vast area of 20,395 km², the Parec-Cc project is expected to positively impact around 400,000 individuals, according to government officials.

The initiative marks a significant step in Senegal’s commitment to environmental sustainability and climate resilience, aligning with broader regional efforts under the Great Green Wall initiative, aimed at combating desertification and advancing sustainable development across the Sahel region.

“We are grateful for Canada’s partnership and support in this critical endeavor, which underscores the international community’s collective responsibility to address climate challenges and safeguard vulnerable communities,” concluded the Senegalese government representative.

The Parec-Cc project represents a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change, leveraging innovative approaches and international collaboration to secure a sustainable future for communities along the Great Green Wall.

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