July 20, 2024

Sahrawi republic engages in key economic integration summit in Tunis

Sahrawi republic engages in key economic integration summit in Tunis

Sahrawi republic engages in key economic integration summit in Tunis

The Sahrawi Republic actively participated in the Specialized Technical Committee on Economy, Finance, Planning, and Economic Integration, held in the Tunisian capital. This critical session, attended by Mohamed Mouloud Mohamed Fadel, Minister of Economic and Financial Affairs, focused on enhancing macroeconomic and sectoral policy coordination across Africa, identifying major challenges and opportunities, and setting priorities for inclusive growth and sustainable development on the continent.

The meeting addressed strategies for achieving comprehensive economic growth in Africa, emphasizing the mobilization of the continent’s abundant resources.

In celebration of African Integration Day on July 7, the initial segment of the second day’s agenda was dedicated to this event, featuring in-depth discussions on the achievements and ongoing obstacles in the path of African economic integration—a project of increasing significance to the peoples and nations of the African Union.

The session also included a presentation on the African Union’s participation in the G20 economic meeting.

This was hailed as a positive step towards ensuring that the voices of African nations and their populations are heard within the world’s foremost economic gatherings.

Additionally, the committee reviewed and approved the experts’ report and ministerial recommendations.

It also deliberated on and ratified the ministerial declaration arising from the Tunis session.

This summit provided the Sahrawi delegation an opportunity to engage with ministers from various African nations, discussing avenues for collaborative efforts, deepening cooperation, and enhancing bilateral exchanges.

The Sahrawi Republic was further represented in the experts’ meeting by Salama Lahbib, on behalf of the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs.

This engagement underscores the Sahrawi Republic’s commitment to contributing to the broader discourse on economic policies and integration within the African continent.

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