July 20, 2024

President calls for unity ahead of Cape Verde’s 50th independence anniversary in 2025

President calls for unity ahead of Cape Verde's 50th independence anniversary in 2025

President calls for unity ahead of Cape Verde's 50th independence anniversary in 2025

President José Maria Neves has issued a call for national unity during the solemn session marking the 49th anniversary of Cape Verde’s independence, urging the nation to prepare for the forthcoming 50th anniversary celebrations in 2025 as a “golden milestone” for the archipelago.

“My appeal, this 5th of July, is for unity. Unity around national interests,” declared President José Maria Neves, presiding over the traditional ceremony at the National Assembly in Praia, the country’s capital.

“Together, let us prepare to dignify this golden milestone,” emphasized Neves, noting that the country is already in a “countdown” to celebrate “the most significant date” in its history.

In his address, the country’s highest magistrate listed the “solid achievements” of the nation despite adversities, emphasizing the need for a “denationalized” society and freeing individuals from being “pets” of the state.

José Maria Neves also underscored the importance of strengthening the private sector, empowering a visionary state, diversifying the economy, and enhancing democracy.

“This entails greater openness to debate and consideration, respecting each other and involving citizens more in public affairs,” he stressed.

The President proposed investments in renewable energies and keeping pace with technological transformations, including artificial intelligence, with “heightened attention” to ethical standards.

He also called for mobilizing the Cape Verdean diaspora to create “new paradigms” of international cooperation and encourage private investments.

During the ceremony, the President of the National Assembly, Austelino Correia, highlighted labor challenges in Cape Verde, especially in education and healthcare, calling for negotiations and addressing issues in transportation and housing.

Representatives from the three political parties with parliamentary seats also addressed the audience, providing a retrospective of the country’s journey, highlighting achievements, and enumerating challenges in sectors such as justice, transportation, employment, and democracy.

Beyond the solemn session attended by government members, high-ranking state officials, the diplomatic corps, business leaders, religious leaders, and civil society, the country commemorates this date with various activities across the islands and in the diaspora.

Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva marked the occasion with the Cape Verdean community in the United States, part of his ongoing visit to the country, a key destination for a total of 1.5 million Cape Verdeans.

The diaspora population triples the resident island population.

Earlier in the day, President José Maria Neves laid a wreath at the Amílcar Cabral Memorial, and in the afternoon, he bestowed decorations upon individuals and institutions “who have contributed to affirming Cape Verde as a nation.”

Municipal councils and civil society are also organizing activities to celebrate this national day.

Cape Verde officially gained independence from Portugal on July 5, 1975.

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