July 17, 2024

Mauritanian election leader: Insufficient evidence to contest results

Mauritanian election leader: Insufficient evidence to contest results

Mauritanian election leader: Insufficient evidence to contest results

Mohamed El Amine Ould Cheikh, a senior figure in the Tawassoul party, stated that legal counsel advising the party has recommended against filing challenges with the Constitutional Council regarding the recent presidential election results.

Speaking to Sahara24, Ould Cheikh emphasized that their legal team affirmed challenges can only be pursued if they significantly affect the overall election outcome. Consequently, the party did not submit appeals based on this advice.

Ould Cheikh highlighted the contextual challenges surrounding the recent presidential elections, asserting they were conducted in a flawed environment lacking transparency, freedom, and necessary fairness.

Despite noting various irregularities, he clarified these were not deemed impactful enough to sway the election’s general results.

The party faced a critical decision between continuing the electoral process amidst these imbalances, aiming to expand the available margin and work towards electoral improvements, or prematurely withdrawing from the race.

Opting for a participatory and progressive reform approach, Ould Cheikh affirmed their commitment to electoral engagement aimed at enhancing future electoral processes, albeit acknowledging that achieved improvements fell short of the party’s aspirations.

Comparing these elections favorably to those held in 2023, Ould Cheikh acknowledged significant deficiencies and imbalances that require addressing for future electoral integrity.

This statement underscores Tawassoul’s strategic stance on electoral participation and reform, navigating complex political landscapes to advocate for procedural improvements and transparency in Mauritania’s democratic processes.

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