July 20, 2024

Mali: Former high Court workers appeal to Assimi Goïta over salary delays

Mali: Former high Court workers appeal to Assimi Goïta over salary delaysMali: Former high Court workers appeal to Assimi Goïta over salary delays

Mali: Former high Court workers appeal to Assimi Goïta over salary delays

Workers from the dissolved High Court of Justice have addressed a letter dated June 7, 2024, to the Head of State, a copy of which has been obtained by our sources.

In this two-page document, the workers, who have been without salaries for nine months, are still awaiting redeployment as recommended by the National Transitional Council following institutional reforms.

In their communication, the Collective informs the Head of State about the challenging situation faced by contractual employees of the High Court of Justice in recent months, following the institution’s dissolution in accordance with Article 190 of the Constitution dated July 22, 2023.

“We do not intend to challenge the sovereign vote, which was overwhelmingly supported by our people.

We also do not doubt the merits of such reforms for the proper functioning of our institutions.

We simply request the redeployment of our experienced agents to other state services to continue serving our country,” the Collective states.

The employees, despite having indefinite contracts with the High Court of Justice, national identification numbers from the Civil Service Directorate, and salaries paid from the state budget, have faced severe hardships.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance’s technical services decided to halt their salaries since November 2023 due to a lack of signatories within the institution, according to the Collective.

This situation has caused immense difficulties for the agents and their families, who spent the end of the year, the holy month of Ramadan, and the Tabaski festival under challenging conditions.

The Collective highlights that despite numerous appeals to the Ministries of State Refoundation, Relations with Institutions, Economy and Finance, Labor, Civil Service, and Social Dialogue, tangible results have yet to materialize.

They underscore that the constitutional reform has not only affected the High Court of Justice but also the High Council of Communities and regional councils.

“In their letter, the former High Court agents note that several proposals for job security solutions are readily available,” including redistributing agents among existing institutions, integrating them into the State Civil Service, or deploying them to future institutions like the Senate or the Supreme Court.

The Collective urgently appeals to President Assimi Goïta for swift and satisfactory resolution of their plight, emphasizing the immediate reinstatement of salary payments pending the effective redeployment of agents.

This appeal follows the submission of their case to the Republic’s institutions syndicate due to the sluggish progress in addressing their concerns.

The President of the Transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta, along with several ministerial departments including Territorial Administration, Refoundation, Justice, and Defense, have received correspondences from the Collective, signed by its Secretary-General Mahamadou Yoro Diallo.

As the former High Court of Justice employees endure nine months without pay, their advocacy persists for prompt action to resolve this pressing issue affecting their livelihoods and families.

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