July 18, 2024

Guy Kabombo takes helm as DR Congo’s defense minister, vows to address army challenges

Guy Kabombo takes helm as DR Congo's defense minister, vows to address army challenges

Guy Kabombo takes helm as DR Congo's defense minister, vows to address army challenges

Guy Kabombo has stepped into the role of Vice Prime Minister of Defense for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Kabombo has positioned himself as the solution-bearer In the face of mounting challenges, particularly against the M23 rebellion in North Kivu for the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC).

During his introductory meeting with the military high command at Lieutenant-Colonel Kokolo camp in Kinshasa, Kabombo attentively listened to the challenges and priorities outlined by Army Chief of Staff, Christian Tshiwewe.

Expressing his resolve, Kabombo stated, “I am determined, along with the entire government, to provide appropriate solutions to the army’s problems.”

This was echoed by the Army’s Communication and Information Service, which noted his call for FARDC soldiers to embody “dedication, high patriotism, and discipline to safeguard territorial integrity and reclaim areas under enemy control.”

Kabombo’s tenure begins amid a critical situation as the M23, allegedly supported by the regime of Paul Kagame, continues its advances in North Kivu. On some fronts, the FARDC has withdrawn, ceding ground to the rebels.

This has led to the severe penalty of a death sentence for around twenty soldiers accused of “desertion in the face of the enemy.”

As he assumes his new role, Kabombo faces the daunting task of strengthening national defense, organizing and structuring the armed forces, and reclaiming occupied territories.

His leadership will be crucial in restoring the morale and effectiveness of the FARDC during this turbulent period.

Kabombo’s commitment to tackling the issues within the military and his call for patriotism and discipline aim to revitalize the armed forces and address the ongoing security challenges in the DRC.

The nation watches closely as he embarks on this critical mission to bolster the country’s defense capabilities and reclaim its sovereignty from rebel forces.

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