July 17, 2024
EU appoints Stéphane Mund as new ambassador to Benin

EU appoints Stéphane Mund as new ambassador to Benin

The European Union has appointed Stéphane Mund as its new ambassador to Benin, succeeding Sylvia Hartleif after nearly four years in the position.
Bip Radio announced this transition on Saturday, July 6, stating that Mund will commence his duties in the coming months.

Before his appointment, Mund served as Belgium’s representative to the EU’s Political and Security Committee (Cops), an entity instrumental in shaping EU foreign and defense policies under the European External Action Service (EEAS).

This diplomatic shift coincides with a broader recall of several Beninese diplomats from international postings.

This sweeping diplomatic reorganization aims to strengthen Benin’s foreign relations strategy.

The diplomats involved have been notified and are expected to return to Cotonou shortly.

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