July 17, 2024
EgyptAir successfully concludes Hajj season with 240 flights

EgyptAir successfully concludes Hajj season with 240 flights

EgyptAir has successfully concluded this year’s Hajj season, spanning from May 29th to July 5th, with the organization of 240 flights.

The national carrier organized a total of 240 flights, comprising 121 flights from Jeddah, 110 flights from Medina, and 19 flights from Taif.

These flights facilitated the transportation of nearly 60,000 pilgrims from various ministries including Solidarity, Endowments, Interior, Lottery, Tourism, and Transit.

Throughout both outbound and return phases of transporting pilgrims to the Holy Land, the air bridge witnessed significant operational efficiency without any disruptions, thanks to the concerted efforts of all personnel involved in the subsidiary companies.

This success was achieved in accordance with a meticulously crafted plan, developed in collaboration with all relevant ministries and authorities.

EgyptAir also excelled in its role as the national carrier for transporting pilgrims from the countries of Mali and Guinea in Africa, serving as a pivotal link between Egypt and the continent.

This year, EgyptAir transported over 10,000 Guinean pilgrims from Conakry on 33 direct special flights in the outbound phase and an equal number in the return phase between Saudi Arabia and Guinea, marking a return after an absence of more than 12 years.

Additionally, EgyptAir transported approximately 5,000 Malian pilgrims on 19 flights in the outbound and return phases between Bamako Airport in Mali and Saudi Arabia.

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