July 20, 2024
Construction of new US Embassy in Cape Verde to begin Summer 2025, ambassador announces

Construction of new US Embassy in Cape Verde to begin Summer 2025, ambassador announces

The construction of the new United States Embassy in Cape Verde is slated to begin in the summer of 2025, with a budget of $430 million, according to an announcement made by US Ambassador Jeff Daigle.

“We anticipate that construction will commence in the summer of 2025, roughly a year from now. Our construction team is aware of the current challenges, but we remain optimistic about meeting the deadline,” Daigle told Inforpress.

As he bid farewell to Cape Verde, the ambassador expressed his gratitude to the government for its support over the past decade, which included facilitating the purchase of land for the new embassy.

“This is a prestigious location, and I believe it will stand as a significant physical symbol of the strong relationship between our two countries.

The new embassy is absolutely stunning, and I think it will be an incredible and welcomed addition to the Várzea neighborhood, bringing a new atmosphere and sense of community,” he explained.

Daigle added that the investment, budgeted at $430 million, will inject $100 million into the Cape Verdean economy, creating around 1,000 jobs during its construction.

“I can assure you that when the new embassy opens, I will eagerly attend the inauguration ceremony, as I am keen to see it.

This will be phenomenal.

As we mentioned when the project was announced a few years ago, the budget remains around $430 million,” the ambassador emphasized, highlighting that this investment demonstrates the value placed on the partnership with Cape Verde.

Moreover, Daigle noted that the new structure will feature beautiful spaces for hosting conferences and events, elevating the relationship between the United States and Cape Verde to a new level.

Reflecting on his personal relationship with the country, Daigle praised the hospitality and simplicity of the Cape Verdean people, noting the importance of music and food as essential cultural elements.

“The ‘jewel’ of life in Cape Verde is, in reality, the ‘jewel’ of life itself—spending time with friends and family, enjoying music and food.

These are the moments that define special occasions.

Since my arrival, I have been deeply impressed by the strong family ties here,” he remarked.

According to Daigle, for Cape Verdeans, family extends beyond immediate relatives to include a broader sense of community, differing from the family dynamics observed in the United States.

“When we leave Cape Verde, I sincerely hope that Cape Verdeans will see me and my family as part of their own, as we genuinely feel that we have our own family here and that they see us the same way,” he concluded.

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