July 18, 2024

Benin-Niger crisis: Mediation by former presidents shows promising signs

Benin-Niger crisis: Mediation by former presidents shows promising signs

Benin-Niger crisis: Mediation by former presidents shows promising signs

Efforts to resolve the diplomatic rift between Benin and Niger are yielding positive results, following mediation by former Beninese Presidents Nicéphore Soglo and Thomas Boni Yayi. Niger has agreed to establish a tripartite commission aimed at restoring normalcy and enhancing mutual security.

This development was announced after Soglo and Yayi’s meeting with Benin’s current President, Patrice Talon, on July 1.

“The President of Benin and the former presidents have agreed on measures to quickly restore dialogue,” said the communication team of the former presidents.

The mediation aims to reconcile differences that emerged in the wake of political upheavals in the region.

During their visit to Niamey on June 25, Soglo and Yayi met with Niger’s President, General Abdourahamane Tiani, and key government officials.

The discussions, described as fraternal and constructive, focused on reestablishing the historically strong relations between the two nations.

President Tiani expressed gratitude for the mediation, emphasizing the importance of bilateral cooperation.

He highlighted security concerns along the shared border and the presence of hostile foreign forces, which have strained relations.

Despite these challenges, Tiani affirmed his commitment to dialogue, agreeing to the formation of a tripartite commission comprising representatives from both governments and the former Beninese presidents.

The commission will work towards resuming socio-economic exchanges and ensuring political stability. This initiative marks a hopeful step towards resolving the crisis and strengthening ties between Benin and Niger.

As the mediation efforts continue, both nations are optimistic about a swift resolution that will benefit their citizens and contribute to regional peace and stability.

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