July 20, 2024

Algeria’s bold tourism transformation: 800 new projects set to revitalize sector

Algeria's bold tourism transformation: 800 new projects set to revitalize sector

Algeria's bold tourism transformation: 800 new projects set to revitalize sector

Algeria’s tourism sector is undergoing a significant transformation, marked by a series of ambitious initiatives aimed at reshaping the country’s tourism landscape. With a clear commitment to strengthening infrastructure and enhancing the tourism offering, Algeria is positioning itself as a premier destination on the international tourism map.

Traditionally, Morocco has led the Maghreb’s tourism sector, boasting a diverse range of hotels catering to various types of travelers.

This extensive development has significantly boosted tourist numbers, attracted by Morocco’s cultural richness and varied landscapes.

However, Algeria is now poised to follow a similar path, focusing on expanding and modernizing its tourism infrastructure.

Speaking at a national conference on promoting tourism investment, Algeria’s Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Mokhtar Didouche, unveiled the country’s current strategic plan.

The minister highlighted the goal of doubling the nation’s accommodation capacity by 2030, aiming to reach 300,000 beds.

This ambitious initiative is supported by the approval of over 2,200 tourism investment projects.

Notably, 800 of these projects have already been launched, promising the creation of 90,000 new beds and 45,000 jobs in the sector.

These projects are not solely focused on increasing accommodation capacity.

They also aim to diversify the country’s tourism offerings, including the development of Saharan, coastal, and cultural tourism, to attract a broader international clientele.

The government is also emphasizing improving the business climate to attract more foreign investors, which is crucial for invigorating the sector and fostering a business-friendly environment.

The strategic vision also includes measures to ensure the sustainability of these developments, with a particular focus on preserving natural and historical sites.

The Algerian authorities are thus demonstrating their commitment to tourism that respects and enhances the country’s cultural and environmental heritage.

Through this proactive approach, Algeria is set to reinvent its tourism sector, with projects that promise significant and sustainable growth.

These initiatives, coupled with investment-friendly policies, could transform the country into a new tourism hub in the Maghreb region.

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